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Sal de Pueblo

Sal de Pueblo was born in the southeast state of Puebla, a salt tradition that has more than 2000 years. The crystalline mineral is the main source of sodium in our diet and is an essential nutrient in the human body because it regulates important physiological functions. Being a salt low in sodium due to its fossil properties it's an excellent option for people with diabetes and hypertension since they do not have any type of additive, so they are considered organic.  
Sal de Pueblo is an indispensable element in the elaboration of an infinite number of food products we are creating for your cooking and flavor needs.
Sal de Pueblo was created from the need to have a 100% organic product, with the focus on flavor, purity and quality.
Mission: Satisfying the consumer with low sodium quality products
Vision: Position the brand internationally with the firm purpose of satisfying the needs of our customers and introducing Mexican salt to the masses.

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